UPDATE: The application forms from immigration have been released (see below).

Form I-821D

Form I-821D (Instructions)

Form I-765

Form I-765 (Instructions)

Form I-765 Worksheet

In order for the Hernan Law Firm to evaluate your potential eligibility for the Deferred Action for Young People process, fill out the I-821D form linked above or the eligiblity worksheet form linked below and submit the form to the Hernan Law Firm through the document upload portion of the Appointments page on this website, or by faxing (678-265-4000) or emailing the form to us.

Submission of the form is for evaluation of eligibility purposes only and neither obligates the sender or the Hernan Law Firm in any way nor creates an attorney-client relationship.

Eligibility / Intake Form

As part of their Deferred Action Plan, applicants should begin to gather documentation that will help prove their eligibility for the program.  The Suggested Documents form linked below includes a checklist of certain documents that may be useful in establishing eligibility.

Suggested Documents Form